A Poet’s Take on Love


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Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place.

—Zora Neale Hurston

message to the black man

pull your pants up

and pull yourself together.

if you see your brothers and sisters slippin’, pull them up.

when ye brothers and sisters are falling apart, cover them with gentleness until they pull themselves together.

black man, you are not who they say you are.

who taught you to degrade yourself?

the same carbon compounds that are found within your brown skin are found within the stars…

o’ how i want you to know your atomic structure is essentially an amalgam of the universe itself.

you are more than a junkie nod, your track record predates a needle mark.

what if i told you, you never needed the white man’s acceptance.

you are more than a crackhead shuffle, seneca village shows life has been no walk in the park.

when these lowlifes attack your image of self, you activate a higher self-acceptance.

black man, how long before you get back on track and move in love and light?

don’t let the pressure harden your light-hearted soul, you just continue to pray to the east and do what’s right.

@steviestreets message to the black man


ode to a hopeless romantic


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sweeter than the sound of mandolins on starry nights
timeless as the beauty of the starry night

o’ brown skin wit’ the radiance of starry nights
meet me at the café terrace at night

i’ll be the brother to the night
cool as moonlight

if you believe in three ninety eight point two like i do
we can romance in france
roam the streets of rome
or time travel earth to earth ’til we greet the dawn of a new day

or maybe we can hop in the van and go
somewhere over the rainbow
no baggage, no phones
just you and i neath the beauty of the sky
inhibitions runnin’ wild like lucy in the sky for a few days

-Stevie #dearawkwardblackgirl / #inasentimentalmood #poem • ode to a hopeless romantic

Happy Place


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close your eyes. breathe deep.
envision your happy place.
do you feel the peace?

@StevieStreets #morningmeditation #haiku#happyplace

find your happy place.
feed your soul and clean your mind.
declutter your life.

@StevieStreets #wordstoliveby #poem#morningaffirmations

COVID Chronicles vol. 1


It feels like I’m dying, as I struggle to breathe and grasp what’s important.

It feels like a massive panic attack and swift hit to the organs.

As my heart is filled with rage, this sharp pain in my ribcage leads me to believe it’ll be easier to stop breathing.

They say to everything there’s season, so I fret not the time nor the hour.

What angers me the most is how quick someone else’s blatant disregard for life has robbed me of my power.

I mean, my mother and I have followed protocol and adhered to everything to reduce risk

yet here we are, still at risk.

Yeah, I try to move in love and light yet my heart’s been dark since the day I was robbed of peace of mind.

Perhaps I am still haunted from wiping Grandma’s tears in ’89.

Perhaps I’m too cold-hearted to pretend like everything is fine.

Perhaps this high fever got me too hot yet what I know for sure is I am not fine.

There’s no New Year Cheer this year, I’ve been in and out of deep sleeps with the shakes and shivers.

Still remember my Grandmother telling me “All of a man’s values must lie within his family”

yet what am I to do when I’m surrounded by ignorant niggers?

@StevieStreets | COVID Chronicles, vol. 1

Her Love Language was Trauma


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See, he spoke healing.
Her love language was trauma,
She chose not to heal.

@StevieStreets #haiku | Her Love Language was Trauma



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I stopped time for her.
She used me as a timepass
Yet time passes by.

@StevieStreets #haiku | Timepass

Matters of The Heart


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Matters of the heart:
The way she made me love her 
Then ripped me apart.

@StevieStreets #haiku | Matters of The Heart

Goodbye Love


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Though we’ve come so far
And I won’t give up on you,
I’m saying goodbye.

@StevieStreets #haiku | Goodbye Love

searching for one’s self


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searching for one’s self?

the answers are not out there.

why not look within?

@StevieStreets #haiku | searching for one’s self