9 11 01 The Moment

9 11 01 I walked into R&B Hair Salon to hear ONE OF THE TWIN TOWERS Just Went Down…

I asked “what do you mean a tower went down?” as I was told to look at the TV; they’re showing it on CNN. I looked and asked when did this happen, they said Just Now… that was not a repeat; THE SECOND TOWER Just Went Down. I stood in disbelief, struggling to grasp what I heard and witnessed; as I entered the barbershop.


9 11 01 The Memories

I will never forget the feeling I had on 9 11 01 or how everyone in America Stood UNITED in the aftermath.


9 11 01 The Memorial

9 11 will always be remember as a tragic event in American History; however, it must also be remembered as the day everyone in America stood UNITED.