Once; there was an old man who gave a seed to a young man to plant. The young man asked the old man “how long will it take to grow?” The old man replied “it may take a day, it may take take one hundred years, some things we never know, one thing is certain you reap what you sow.”

The young man toiled every day after planting the seed, until one day he thought “I work day in and day out and I do not see any growth; nothing is happening.” The young man let the old man know he was frustrated and it was time to see the results of his labor. The old man nodded then asked “have you been watering the seed every day?” They young man replied “yes!” The old man asked “Do you have faith in your abilities?” The young man replied “yes!” The old man then replied “if you have been committed to your efforts and you have full confidence in yourself, you have achieved success.” The young man replied “I don’t see the results of my efforts and I have nothing to show for my dedication, I am not successful.”

The old man grabbed a shovel and started digging up the dirt where the young man planted the seed. The old man toiled for acres. The young man stood watching then stated “I can’t believe how foolish I have been; I believed I could grow a tree from the seed with hard work and faith.” The old man stated “look at the ground!” The young man asked “what am I looking at?” The old man replied “you are looking at the results of your hard work and your faith; these are the roots of the tree.”

The young man asked “how can I have acres of roots and not an inch of the tree sprouted out of the dirt?” The old man replied “the roots of a tree gather water and nutrients and serve as an anchor to keep it grounded; the results are the foundation.” The old man then stated “had you continued on your path and remained dedicated to your mission, your tree would have grown to be over three hundred feet tall.”

The young man stood lost in his thoughts for nearly one hour. He returned to the old man and stated “I have come to understand: the foundation often remains unseen; however, it is imperative to success. Sometimes; we may think our hard work and faith are being exercised in vain when we do not see results on the surface but the real reward lies underneath the surface.” Then young man then stated “I now see why success is a journey and not a destination; from this day forward I will set attainable goals and I will be accountable for the actions used to achieve my goals. I will keep sight on my duties and not on what I think I should see as a result of my labor.”

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