Once upon a time: there was men’s clothes; there was women’s clothes. And then: there was urban clothes, preppy clothes, business casual, etc. Moral of the story: people are always going to make an attempt to label you and/or judge you… Every white male in a suite is not a mobster or corporate criminal. However; every black male in urban wear is considered a suspect – even if he’s the victim. Russell Simmons dressed in blue jeans with Nike sneakers is no different than Bill Gates with khakis and boat shoes – their attire does not predict their capacity to lead a successful corporation. The misperceptions and tainted judgements held by some people have driven many individuals to switch their style up; so they can appear less assuming. I have come to realize: it’s not your attire that makes them fear you; it’s your presence that makes them fear you. To the 3.0 & above students rockin’ headphones underneath the hoodie on the way to the library… DON’T CHANGE!, to the business professionals that diddy bop into the board meetings… DON’T CHANGE!, and to the generations influenced by hip hop… YOU ARE THE CHANGE! #WEARETRAYVON