Why would The Little Rock Nine want to attend a school that forced them to be escorted by the Army?

Why would Jay-Z want to proceed with his deal with Barneys?

Why did Martin say “nonviolent”? What made him turn the other cheek?

Why did brother Malcolm say “if they make the Ku Klux Klan nonviolent, I’ll be nonviolent”? What made him take it to the streets?

Why do they charter to locations where they’re discriminated?

Why do they think they’re integrated?

Why they don’t see the color of their skin is hated but the color of their money is appreciated?

Why do they give a black man a chance to boost sales after they’re bankrupt and sales are depreciated?

Why is the first black to do anything with whites celebrated?

Who was the first All-Star black man in baseball?

Who was the first All-American black woman in basketball?

Who helped discover the north pole?

Who ran the underground railroad?

Why is it that; I cannot find a company that hasn’t profiled a black man?

Why is it that; I cannot find a black man that has been profiled, and is now willing to spend his money with a black man?

What can you do from the outside looking in?

What will you do once you get in?

Why is it that; they flock to the movies to see a butler but they can’t respect the moves of a hustler?

All it ever took was one to get in; they get it in then get it in.

They see them then they see you… change comes from within – and nine times out of ten; it doesn’t mean you’re equal.

Sometimes it just means we have a different view of the people… the people we once judged.

You can’t accomplish nothing by doing nothing – can’t knock the hustle…

one love,