Poetry Is Not Dead!
She just got her muse back,
like Stella got her groove back.
Like the return of the Boom Bap,
she returned to the open mic and spat.

Thinking to herself:
“I’ve always loved to write poetry.”
Doubting herself:
“It’s been a while since I recited poetry.”

Nevertheless, she continued with her poem.
With each breath, she began to feel at home.
She said: “Poetry Is Not Dead, she’s got a love jones.”

The host grabbed mic,
uttered: “Alright, Alright, Alright!”
She heard the finger snaps and soul claps.
Silent burst of “oh-kay girlfriend”, from the natural sisters in the back.

If Poetry was dead, they welcomed her back.
That night I saw her walk off the stage feeling like “girl you did that!”

After the show, she approached me.
I was chilling low key,
you know how I be.
She said “thank you for the Scribes & Vibes invite.
Shout out to Reggie Love.
The band was amazing tonight.
Oh what a beautiful venue! Poetry Is Not Dead, the saga continues.”

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