Art Is Not Dead! No! She didn’t die with Picasso.
I saw her smacked up with Basquiat, with her eyes low.
As far as I go, she’s just another brick in the wall.
I saw her posted up on a bathroom stall,
on the project halls, on the subway train;
I saw remnants of her iconography on a brick of cocaine.
That was New York, Nineteen Eighties,
New Art, New Money, drove the art scene crazy.

Art Is Not Dead! She stepped out on the elite life.
Took her to the hood, introduced her to the street life.
Graffiti Bombers welcomed her like: “Yo! What’s good girl?,
Put down that brush, here’s a can, welcome to the hood girl!”
They had her standing on crates,
spray painting landscapes in a dead end.
The city made her get permits,
to paint portraits of dead friends.

-Stevie | #scribesandvibes