This isn’t I need love like I’m tired of scratching my back with a pen.

This is love like I want to spend every moment I can with my friend.


This is the very first moment I saw you, I knew were the one; kind of love.

This is my heart beats for you, when two become one; kind of love.


This is “where have you been all of my life?”

This is “I want to love you for life.”


Love is a sweet fortitude, in essence.

Love brings peace to my mood, in your presence.


This is “the thought of you helps me make it through the day; kind of love.”

This is “I truly adore you, forever and a day; kind of love.”


This is watching the sun set on emerald green water.

This is writing I Love You in white sand.


This is the moment a father gives away his daughter.

This is I Love You sealed with a wedding band.


Love is for better or for worse.

Love is a journey through life holding hands.

This is only God comes first.

This is “If love can’t cure, nurses can.”


Love is seeing your smile on a gloomy day.

Love is being there to wipe your tears away.


Love is a couple of inside jokes; no words spoken, just laughter.

Love is about last night; and a couple of morning afters.


My everlasting love is so so adorable…

Love is a mood.
Love is an emotion.
Love is lovely.
Love is insatiable.
Love is sensible.
Love is significance.
Love is ambiguous.


My everyday love is so so amiable…

This is “I love you more.”
This is “you’re my everything.”
This is no ordinary love.
This is “will you walk down that isle?”
This is you’re my superstar.
This is simplicity.
This is accession.


Love is hearing your silence.

Love is a scene unseen.

Love is not a mirage.

Love is a beautiful thing.


Love makes you appreciate the beauty in all things.

Look at my ladylove and all that beautifulness…

Love is a soulkiss.

Love is a tight hug.

This endless bliss…
gentle as a butterfly kiss.


This my love…
is what they search for; far and between.


This my love…
is the port of my dreams.


@StevieStreets | The Port of My Dreams