I aint mad at Rachel. It’s unfortunate; her little white lie [no pun intended] is overshadowing her community actions.

It would have been great had she led under her own identity. However; for those of you that are historically challenged, your Historically Black Colleges were founded by white people. In addition; a majority of your so called Black or African-American organizations are led by self-hating African-Americans. Let’s not forget all the Negropeans hidding behind the veil of hair care products or equal rights… Whenever you put a relaxer in your hair, you’re striving to look European [whether knowingly or unknowingly]. Whenever you champion equal rights, you’re stating you want the luxury of experiencing the other side of the fence [whether you choose to or not]. I at mad at Rachel. I aint mad at the Non-Blacks that founded HBCU’s. I aint mad at the Non-Blacks that fund prominently black organizations. I’m mad at the Blacks that won’t even attend a PTA meeting less long a NAACP meeting that have the nerve to be mad at Rachel.


Life is a verb… do something, get involved, #AskRachel. More than anything KNOW THY SELF. I aint mad at Rachel, nah.