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Nina Simone’s “I Put A Spell On You” serenaded the air.

Visions of her chocolate skin began to appear.

Remnants of her ebony eyes began to glare.

The scent of coconut oil adorned her kinky hair.


I felt the magic in the air,

as she came near.

I was thinking to myself “if I should ever fall in love again, she’s the apparent heir.”

I played it cool,

as we exchanged a stare.

Truthfully; my heart began to flare,

in the presence of her flair.


She had a smile bright enough to melt the ice water in my veins.


The sparkle in her eyes was as if she had sunbeams shining out of her brain.


Her milk chocolate skin was as smooth as shea butter,

her plainness was flyer than a plane;

somewhere on a higher plain.


I remember thinking “she lives golden”

as I adored her fane.


Eyes explored her frame;

I remember thinking to myself “she’s royal.”


I remember when I was a hopeless romantic.

I remember this wonderful weirdness in her presence.

I remember thinking “she’s a beautiful soul and she’s loyal.”


I remember when I was a hopeless romantic.

I remember the time I said “I’m gonna make you mine.”

I remember the moment I fell in love with chocolate skin and coconut oil.


@StevieStreets | Chocolate Skin and Coconut Oil