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The magic in her eyes sparkled like jazz hands.


Something deep within my soul began to tap dance;


as the corners of her mouth leaped towards her cheeks,


with the grace of a ballerina her smile premiered like a split leap.


Mesmerized by her bespoken smile,


I was obliged to extend a smile.


She looked as if her chocolate skin had been sun-kissed with Hershey’s Kisses,

her countenance was such a treat.


Her eyes had their own language,

we never had to speak.


I adored her eyes;

I would say to myself “what a beautiful language to speak.”


We met every morning on the train,


I looked forward to her ballet performances,

every morning on the train.


We exchanged smiles everyday,

there was magic in her smile.


I never knew her name,

I just referred to her as Girl with a Smile.


Picasso had Girl with a Mandolin,

I had Girl with a Smile.


Remember to be happy,

you never know who’s falling in love with your smile.


@StevieStreets | Girl with a Smile