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She was beautiful;

intelligent and witty,

and a tad bit giddy.

Her ideologies were wonderful.


She was traveling with a book when I met her.

She was a bookworm and I was a lame with cool tendencies

and we tended to be

on the square within the same circles together.


She was beautiful – radiant skin, brilliant pearl white teeth, and pretty feet.

I thought she was a vegan, I noticed she didn’t eat meat;

she would have a soup or a salad whenever we would meet.


How did I not notice, she was preoccupied with her shape & weight amid her cuteness?

I guess; I was preoccupied with her beautiful mind and her cuteness.

She was beautiful – and bulimic; I never knew bulimia distorted her mental acuteness.


@StevieStreets | from THE SEMICOLON COLLECTION: She Was Beautiful