People that sit back and watch others take action

then jump on their high horse

with the you should be doing this

and you should be doing that

are the bane of my existence.


Don’t you know…

You can’t hate your way into existence.


It takes a little hard work and persistence.


Success is not a skill;

it is the result of consistence.


I just wanna spread love

and foster upliftment;

but nah –

you wanna to kill my vibe.


BIH, Don’t Kill My Vibe!

You wouldn’t like to see me löc.


Stevie’s thee wrong bloke;

don’t try to provoke me.


Don’t come at me with that – “my brother…”

I see through the mirrors and the smoke b’.


I know you hate to see me on a higher level,

yet low key;

you ought to know,

you would hate to see the old me.


Don’t make me give up my pen and my pad

for the silencers and scopes b’.


I know you want to make the pen my pad;

hate to see me giving out pens and pads…

I’m just tryin’ to save the youth

from becoming lifers and parolees.


I want to fill schools and libraries,

not prisons and cemeteries.


I just wanna remove the black clouds,

inspire a brighter day.


It’s gonna be a lovely day,

when they realize literacy

and education are the only way…


To escape poverty,

we probably – should redefine the educational system

and learn to recognize the failing symptoms.

It’s gotta be a better way.


But nah –

you want to take the grants and the fellowships away

and cut budgets when we say “EDUCATORS DESERVE MORE PAY.”


You ought to know;

educational excellence

should be the precedence…

always, forever, and everyday.


But nah –

the public’s best interest

is not in your best interest.

I am interested in hearing what you have to say.


Why is it that the interest…

on a student loan

will cost a student a house and a home?

I know you’d rather leave that one alone;

so we’ll leave that one alone –

admissions and student loans

shall be a tirade for another day.


Today is tomorrow’s history;

and the child is the future…

Therefore; we have to give the youth

the right-of-way to write away.


To be young, gifted, and black

is to be ridiculed.


I know you don’t want to see the rebirth of cool –

where smart is the new cool.


Why do you hate to see the arts being used as a tool

to make learning cool?


Don’t be cruel…

all I need is my pad and my pen

to unlock my zen.


I’m practicing art therapy,

studying the discipline

of writing my wrongs,

utilizing a pen and a pad

to right my wrongs.


I’m practicing compassion,

learning how we all have the right to be wrong.


I’m a student of life,

examining equal rights,

advocating when one’s rights are wronged.


I aspire to be a token of hope,

when everything you ever believed in is gone.


I’m building a platform where men, women, and children of all ages get along.


I’m bridging the gap with poetry, art, and song.


If you find something wrong with that,

you’re the one that’s wrong.


@StevieStreets #diatribe | THE RANT COLLECTION: The Bane of my Existence