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Her kindness sprinkled upon soiled hearts,

like dandelions do to grass.


Her smile behaved as the wind;

prolifically dispersing seeds of joy from her heart,

she sprinkled happiness upon saddened hearts

like a blow flower in the wind.


Her kindness was akin to the wind;

and she was such a dandelion girl.


She was a caring and carefree creature of the wind,

she was a dandelion girl.


Whenever she appeared,

even the saddest hearts were aglow;

she had a way of springing up happiness,

like dandelion snow.


She had eyes like dandelion snow,

you could wish upon the stars in her eyes

like dandelion clocks.


Love and happiness

were like clockwork,

as peace parachuted from her eyes.


What an eyesight to see,

the iris of her eyes were as bright as dandelion rosettes.


She was a beautiful vignette

of kindness

in a cruel world.


She was wild in the wind,

gentle as the breeze that propels seeds of joy afloat the wind –

blowing happiness through the hearts of misty-eyed friends;

unfriendly was the enemy, kindness was her remedy

and she sprinkled her splendor splendidly,

she was such a dandelion girl.


Her kindness sprinkled upon soiled hearts,

she was a beautiful dandelion girl.


@StevieStreets | Dandelion Girl