The most powerful thing my hands have ever produced… was a prayer.


At times I draw my hands together

to draw upon the divinity within YOU

from the divinity within me.


Show me THE WAY,

let me illustrate YOUR likeness;

I draw my hands together

to draw inspiration

from the art of meditation.


Give me the LIGHT,

let my muse shine bright;

I haven’t got a prayer,

without prayer.


Let my gifted hands illustrate

YOU are the most great.


When my heart is stone cold,

let my gifted hands

illustrate THE WAY.


When I can no longer see around the corners,

show me THE WAY.


When wisdom cries out to the streets

and I can no longer hear what she has to say,

show me THE WAY.


Should I ever fall astray;

when the road to success

leads to an array of Avenues & Alleyways,

let my gifted hands petition

against the dead ends and one ways

on the road to perdition.


Give me the intuition to bring felicity to fruition,

let me practice the discipline of being thankful every day.


Let my hands be tough enough to strike through stone;

yet delicate enough to pray.


Don’t mind me; I just needed a moment

before the GOD in me

becomes ungodly,

I just need some atonement.


I believe in Godspeed

but then there’s those fleeting moments…


like – an eye for an eye;

I’m such an old testament guy,

I’m just trying to draw the line

between those heathen moments.


Do I let karma catch ’em or retaliate?

At times like this; I need to recalibrate,

to reevaluate THE WAY.


I need to meditate,

to levitate above the ills of the day.


At times; I need to sanctify my soul

and convene with the MOST MERCIFUL

at least three times a day.


Therefore I Pray…


@StevieStreets #prayerhands | Sketches of a Man