I had a dream…


until I woke up and prepared an action plan;

a step-by-step guide to bring forth the best of who I am.


Now I am living the dream…


Scaling New Heights,

balancing my fears and my hubris

amid tightropes and high beams.


It’s a thin line I walk every day

but I know the way…


To Fulfill My Dreams.


A dream without action

is like a seed that has yet to be planted;

it will bear no fruit.


Although it’s seldom seen

in dreamscapes,

success is a fruit.


As odd as it seems…


A dream without action is merely a wish.

What sense does it make to dream up

what remains to be seen

only to daydream?


Without vision, you’ll perish;

clairvoyance is a gift.

If you have the sensory insights of a dreamer,

never lose sight of the sights unseen;

take accountable action,

don’t let your dreams

become pipedreams.


Success is a relic

relished few and far between,

because action is not as dreamy

as the dream.


@StevieStreets #AbstractThoughts | MUSINGS: I Had A Dream