I was thumbing through the pages of a book,

as my eyes glanced away from the pages of the book…


I noticed her peeking over her spectacles,

as she gazed towards the receptacles.


She plugged her iPad and iPhone into the receptacles;

then she smiled and removed her spectacles.


I was so intrigued with her…

I barely noticed, we were reading the same book.

I wondered if she was truly reading her book,

as I pretended to be reading my book.





As I peeked up to get a second look,


we made eye contact like a head-on collision…


knocking me head over heels, leaving me smitten…


by the beauty in her eyes; she put a spell on me with the magic in her look.




I wondered “where did she come from?”

My life was humdrum,

until I stumbled upon

a supernatural strangeness at the library.


That night I felt a wonderful weirdness

when I looked into her eyes…

it was as if cupid let shots – – – fly,

far be it from February.


I remember the first time our eyes met;

it was like a meeting of minds.

She blew my mind…

when her eyes met mine, she conveyed the sapience of a mime.

The magic in her eyes was amazing, I felt as if I was stargazing…

the mind-to-mind communication was simply breathtaking.

We experienced mental telepathy and ecstasy…

it was as if we were caressing each other’s mind’s eye

with eye contact that night at the library.

I remember the night I fell in love at the library.


Who knew the love of my life would use the library as a sanctum;

I keep getting flashbacks of how the library has always been my sanctuary.


I remember when I was a hopeless romantic…

I remember the best thing I’ve ever done was to go to the library that night,

nothing compares to the moment her eyes caught my sight.

Oh what a beautiful sight!

I was blinded by her smile; her inner glow was such a delight.

I remember the night that I fell in love at the library…

Oh what a night!

I fell in love at the library.