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He peaked at the windows, hoping to see traces of life. He saw inches of gloom neath the blinds; it looked as if it was raining outside.


It was a wonderful Wednesday, if only in his mind. He had been confined to that room for quite some time. Five minutes felt like a fifty year bid, as he searched for a sentence.


@StevieStreets #NaNoWriMo #WriteIn | Writer’s Block



Ice Breaker: 5 minute writing exercise


Writing Prompt: Write about your current surroundings.



1. The library meeting room

2. Blank papers & blank stares: the writers with no words written and the stare decisis that stared them in the face like a blinding light

3. The one wall with windows

4. The inch between the bottom of the blinds and the window sill

5. The smell of fear: the 5 minute writing restraint echoed like an unfavorable verdict; at that moment the convocation transformed to confinement as the only thing written in the write-in appeared to be the fear of writer’s block – and it was written all over the face of the writers


Soliloquy: The irony of succumbing to writer’s block in a write-in is like developing an appreciation for the beauty in life while within the confines of a cellblock.