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She lives golden…


I see the sunrise in her eyes, oh how I adore her rose-colored aura.


I see magic materialize in her eyes, her inner glow radiates a gorgeous aurora.


She lives golden…



Her heart is like a gold mine of happiness.


The sparkles in her eyes magnetize warmth like sunlight.


The sanctity of her soul is as pure as gold, she is solid as a rock and upright.


Her smile emboldens love, peace, and happiness.



The afterglow of her smile lingers like a beautiful scent.


Her value cannot be measured in dollars and cents.


Her wisdom is worth far more than silver and gold, she is heaven sent.



Her beauty and grace comes from her ability to bend her knees and bow her face; she’s been blessed with the power to create life – she speaks life when she begins to pray.


Always the optimist, she uplifts and encourages all that come in contact with her beauty & brilliance throughout the day.


She lives golden, her personality is effervescent; whenever she’s present, it’s the golden time of the day.



@StevieStreets | She Lives Golden