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Sometimes I envision intelligent living,


a place where weirdness is wonderful,


and books are beautiful;


a place where men lust for the sapience of women.



A place where education is free,


where protégés become mentors and tutors,


a place where everyone from children to seniors

may enjoy computer programming,

coding, makerspace,

and free access to computers;


a place where the nerd in you can be set free…

to be all that you want to be.



Sometimes I take refuge in the library to escape the noise and the chatter.


Sometimes I sit in the library and observe particles of intelligent matter.


I see people teaching,

I see people learning,

I see books,

I see makerspaces,

I see computers;

sometimes I see intelligence spatter.



Sometimes I go to the library to meditate

and to appreciate symphonious orchestrations

of intelligent pitter-patter.


I hear pages being turned,

I hear keys being stroked,

I hear ideas being shared,

I hear knowledge being whispered;

sometimes I hear intellectual abracadabra.


Sometimes I envision #datlibrarylife;

sometimes –  I’m reminded why libraries matter.


@StevieStreets | Intelligent Living