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The Writer…

Weaving through life just soaking it in
Thoughts floating like wind
The eyes, like a note with no pen
Mental snapshots through the scope of the lens

Mind, like a million Post-It Sticky Note reminders
Thumbing through the pages of life with no highlighters
Abstract thoughts, solitude, and all nighters

The moments, the moods
The invocations to the muse
The nostalgic hues
The phantasmagoric views of a writer

my ambitions as a writer

The stereotypical stereotype type of writer
Cardigan, Spectacles, and a Typewriter

Figure Sketches
Still Life
Impressions of a writer

from Fantasy to Gothic
various topics, defy logic

Imagination: imagine the mind stretched out
Characterization: dialogues sketched out
Manifestation: epilogues etched out… the subliminal mind of the sublime mind

Portraits painted from the visual mind
For the Third Eye to read between the lines… of the handwriting on the wall

Get the picture, they left hand writings on the wall
Picture-Perfect, echoes of the Oracles in Hallowed Halls
The Rite of Passage was depicted by the Ancient Mystics
Write Your Own Ticket; Master Language Arts Linguistics

The Writer

@StevieStreets #amanuensis: a still life impression of a writer | The Writer