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My name is Hip Hop,
I’m the god of the streets.

I bought you Xmas Rap,
told you to feel The New Heart Beat.

Remember T-Ski Valley,
Catch the Beat?

Haha, ha, ha; I was a lady chaser,
before they said I was too hard for the streets.

I used to scream – “Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn;”
I was a Fly Casanova back then,
when I first heard Rapper’s Delight.

Remember when Cold Crush,
Crash Crew,
Fantastic Freaks,
and the Treacherous Three serenaded the streets?

Remember when who’s the best M.C. –
“Kool Moe Dee,
Spoonie G,
or Busy Bee,”
was the talk in the streets?

My name is Hip Hop;
I had graffiti bombers, breakers,
home-girls and b-boys partyin’ all night.

I remember when the Furious Five met The Sugerhill Gang;
it was a showdown of mic skills.

I remember seeing Beat Street at Park Hill;
I went home tagged my name on my notebook,
and worked on my break dancing skills.

I remember watching Wild Style;
just to see live at The Dixie,
– I loved to see Grandmaster Flash demonstrate turntable skills.

I remember the summer time:
the first time I heard The Message,
The Together Brothers,
Raw Rome,
QuickMaster Stan,
Beat Master Gene,
Cool Jay,
Truth and Divine,
Lil Jay…
I remember the MG Block – in the Middle,
Grant Park,
Whitney Young,
Runyon Heights,
Trevor Park
– block parties every weekend.

I remember the winters:
Lee’s with the pinstripes,
mock necks and rugbys,
Lacoste, Le Tigre…
Nike Cortez,
Stan Smith Adidas…
CAZAL’s with no lens,
belts with nameplated buckles,
a leather bomber or a sheepskin.

My name is Hip Hop,
I am a cultural icon;
I came up during the late 70s, early 80s…
I am the voice of the youth;
I coin pop phrases and slang etymology,
my philosophy embodies psychology and sociology…
yet – I get no airplay, when I speak the truth…
I am hip hop,
I am a lifestyle,
I am music, I am art,
I am fashion, I am style,
I’m vibrant, I’m slang speakin’,
I am a trendsetter,
I’m half Black, half Puerto Rican.

@StevieStreets | Hip Hop