Memorial Day…
weekend, 1994;
we hung out the night before…
the night before he was taken away.

I’ve dealt with death before, never in this way.

That morning he told me he was looking forward to graduating
and being a father to his daughter.

He stated he splurged a little,
but he met with a lawyer
to ensure the money received from his parents death
would be beneficial to his daughter.

I will never forget the knock on the door,
I’ll never forget that day.

I could still see him smiling from ear to ear.

I remember wondering if he felt it coming in the air,
the last thing he told me was
“when I’m gone, pour a lil liquor or put one in the air.”

I remember finishing that school year,
sitting in class next to his empty chair.

I remember when he copped the Cherokee,
he pulled up that morning knockin’ M.O.P.

I remember how we used to write rhymes in U.S. History,
and crack jokes with Coach Volpe.

I remember the first time I drunk liquor,
it was in remembrance of my friend Joey.

@StevieStreets | Memorial Day Weekend