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You have to treat your life like a business.

Your thoughts are your executive board;
remember, they work for YOU.

Your money is your personnel;
employ your revenue to work for YOU.

Remember, your time and talent are capital goods;
invest them wisely,
they are the principals that accelerate dividends and capital gains for your business.

Develop the habit of making decisions in terms of profit and loss;
ask yourself
“How will this become an asset?
How will this become a liability?,”
tell yourself
“Cash flow is the lifeblood of my business,
I am here to produce a profit!
I will not squander my lifeblood,
I am not here to take a loss!”

Remember, you’re not running a charity case,
you are running a BUSINESS.

You may develop initiatives to give back;
however – always remember,
charity begins at home and even a non-profit is a business.

Think beyond your P&L, flowcharts, and business analytics;
learn to think about the invisible,
master retention & growth with intangible statistics –
emotional intelligence,
peace of mind,
corporate culture,
relationship building,
and public relations;
for instance.
Learn to stand in circle,
until you’re squared with the integral components that materialize into a profit or a loss.

Remember, always be mindful of your decisions,
always be mindful of your habits;
you are the chairman and the chief executive,
your success or lack thereof falls directly on YOU – and no one else.
YOU hold 100 shares,
YOU have complete control,
YOU are 100% responsible for your self.

Remember, every effective organization has a leader,
don’t be afraid to go the extra mile,
don’t be afraid to take the road less traveled;
even if you’re the only one employed in your business,
you must possess the capacity to efficiently lead yourself.

Remember, invest wisely in the markets of mind, body, and soul;
for they are the cash cows that procure your business with the provision of health.

Remember, all the money in the world does not equate to wealth;
your health is your wealth,
misfortunately – fame & fortune won’t keep you alive.

Remember, you’re only a customer…
when you’re walking in the presence of hustlers;
pimp hard – hustle harder,
keep your poker face on – never show your cards,
be bold-faced – have no fear – show no weakness,
take the lion’s share,
and never forget ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE.

Remember, you have to treat your life like a business;
it doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur,
if you never had a job,
or if you work a 9 to 5:
you better be on the come up,
every day like the sunrise.
You better stash something aside,
build something on the side.
You better seize the day,
from the moment you open your eyes.
You better emulate the drug dealer – microenterprise.
You better treat your life like a business,
craft a business plan – keep your eye on your AGI.
You better treat your life like a business,
conjure a tax avoidance plan – never forget, that Uncle Sam is a cagey guy.
You better treat your life like a business,
draw up an estate plan –
secure an insurance policy;
have your will, power of attorney, and trusts in order, before the prospect of death arrives.
Don’t get caught by surprise,
you better see the end, before you begin;
plan ahead –
save for retirement;
start thinking of your exit strategy, before the need for one arrives.
Treat your life like a business,
build a portfolio – diversify;
don’t worry about the stock market, BUY LAND.
Treat your life like a business,
we all have 24 hours in a day –
you have to make every second count;
you have to give it all you’ve got,
each and every day.
The difference between the successful and the unsuccessful is acumen and sweat equity –
there are no secrets to success,
more or less, you have the power to take matters into your own hands.
You have to treat your life like a business,
understand, you do not determine the cards you are dealt –
yet you may prevail, against all odds;
win, lose, or draw, you must play your hand.
You have to treat your life like a business,
remember the adage: think about what you could accomplish if you knew you’d never fail –
never play it safe, it’s not safe;
when you decide to not risk it all,
you are risking it all –
without a fighting chance.
It always seems impossible, until it’s done –
you better always give yourself a fighting chance,
don’t let your fate be determined by happenstance;
fear is ferocious, it will eat you alive.
Treat your life like a business,
remember you’re not running a popularity contest –
never forget, fame & fortune aren’t powerful enough to keep you alive.
Treat your life like a business,
you must learn to live and let die –
you must never forget, only the strong survive.
You have to treat your life like a business,
you must remember, your bills don’t care if you run with the bulls or the bears –
you better bare in mind the bullseye;
remain bullheaded and bear down,
there’s money to be made amidst economic plight.
You have to treat your life like a business,
you must remember, your outlook on life becomes the pilot that steers you to scale new heights…
you must wake up, look yourself in the mirror each day and say:
“You have the power to turn nothing into something,
today you will handle your business,
today is your day – whatever you start, you will finish,
today you will greet the world with full confidence and a positive vibe,
today, the world is yours and YOU will THRIVE.”

@StevieStreets | Treat Life Like A Business