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I had a dream…
The Beatles were talking to The Monkees

The Monkees took me to meet Def Leppard

Def Leppard began Smashing Pumpkins like another brick in the wall

The Smashing Pumpkins turned into The Eagles

The Eagles called The Police because a horse with no name stole The Black Eyed Peas

The Police said The Black Eyed Peas were last spotted with The Black Crowes

The Black Crowes were taking purple haze with some dudes named Jimi Hendrix and Ziggy Stardust

Jimi Hendrix and Ziggy Stardust brought a couple of zigzags from The Grateful Dead

The Grateful Dead began to contemplate their Genesis while eating mushrooms with some guys named Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd hitched a ride with Fleetwood Mac to the dark side of the moon

Fleetwood Mac came back in black with t-shirts and trucker’s hats labeled AC/DC

AC/DC experienced Nirvana as they stood with Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin took a jagged little pill in hotel California

Come to find out that jagged little pill was a thiller and The Beatles had a few Monkees on their back

Turns out The Beatles were so high, they thought The Monkees were telling them to listen to the wall

They stood there stuck in a stupor trying to listen to the wall, until the Def Leppard said he heard they were supposed to climb the wall

At that time, The Eagles and The Black Crowes were with The Doobie Brothers and The Rolling Stones

The Doobie Brothers turned into The Who at the wall

Jim Morrison was rocking out like The Rolling Stones as he stated: there’s no need to smash through walls, I brought The Doors

The next day I asked the dream teller to interpret my dream

She replied: until you tell me where you got those mushrooms from, F’ your dream 😂

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