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I placed her on a pedestal
and I don’t trust women,
let alone put them on a pedestal.

So you know; if I placed her on a pedestal,
she was the essence of a woman…
she deserved to be put on a pedestal.

She was perfectly positioned on the pedestal,
until she put her foot in her mouth
and plummeted from the pedestal.

Her inner beauty was the pillar of her reign on the pedestal;
I thought she was the one…
until she unveiled the masquerade ‘neath her mask
as she plunged from the pedestal.

I guess she didn’t realize, I revered her, not the pedestal;
I guess I liked her better when she didn’t know I liked her…
oh well, there goes that, sh!t happens – even a toilet bowl has a pedestal.

@StevieStreets #semblance | The Pedestal