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Wake Up and Wise Up…
records are being broken:
#howmanyshots… will it take to be considered an #epidemic?


Dear Police:
be like Steph Curry,
take it to the court…
Literally, let justice by decided in the court.
Do not hold court in the streets!

Mister Police Brutality;
your foot was on the scales of justice,
those shots don’t count…
You have to take a step back
and really look at the Justice System.

I’m not taking shots,
I’m taking shots;
no pun intended…
And NO, I won’t apologize;
I don’t care if you’re offended.
If you’re a good Officer
and you stand by silently watching,
you’re a no good Officer.


Stevie Streets

@StevieStreets | Shooting Records: America’s Best Shooters, Chef Curry & The Police