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You’re no ordinary woman,
so I won’t approach you like I do ordinary women.

The very thought of you
inspires me to be a better man,
you’re such an extraordinary woman.

When I look into your eyes,
I see an extra – ordinary woman…

Skin like chocolate,
woolly hair,
full lips,
and all types of beautifulness…
oh how I adore the way you shimmy
all that black girl magic;
you’re such an extra – ordinary woman.

Or maybe I’m just a sucker for ebony eyes…
oh how I adore those pretty brown eyes.
And I bet you didn’t know
but you’ll soon realize;
I love you in every shade of brown,
I love you in every shape and size.
I got a thing for beautiful brown women;
but you…
you’re a beautiful soul,
you’re like a dream come true,
you’re my extraordinary woman.

You’ve been victimized,
you have been criticized,
you’ve been ostracized,
you have been mentally & emotionally brutalized…
yet – you still manage to love.
Black woman;
I adore you,
you are so loved…

From the shores of Nubia
to the heavens above,
wherever you are is home.
My brilliant brown skin woman,
you are the crown,
you are the throne.
If the eyes are the windows of the soul,
your heart must be the gait to heaven’s door.
Black woman;
I adore you,
you are so loved…

You’re like a dream come true…
I am pleased to see you embracing your natural essence;
between you and I,
they try to tear you down in the public eye
but recognize –
they marvel in your presence.
Forget their awards,
forget their movies,
forget their magazines;
let them hate you.

Just remember…
just remember Ebony,
just rember Jet,
just remember Essence,
just remember Soul Train,
just remember the mediums that celebrate you.

Brown skin,
I want to woo you everyday
for the rest of my life;
you’re my extra – ordinary woman,
you’re the one my heart beats for.

Brown skin,
I want to be enlightened by the magic in your eyes;
on cloudy nights.
I want to Protect Black Womanhood,
I want to discuss HeLa Cells,
I want to repair the Black Family,
I want to open prison cells.
Brown skin…
I need you now,
more than ever before;
you’re my extra – ordinary woman,
you’re the one I adore.

@StevieStreets #honorablemention | Extraordinary Woman