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Call me crazy but…
the EPA does better
than the FDA.

Carbon Monoxide
should not be on food
I’m going vegan.

How is Sodium
Tripolyphosphate matter
regarded as safe?

DAFUQ is foodstuff?!
What happened to natural
food and drink? I’ll wait…

Fruits and Veggies seem
like the safest way to go…
I’m thinking vegan.

and Vegans are ahead of
the game, health is wealth.

Your health is your wealth…
the best way to sustain is
for one to refrain.

What are they selling
at the grocery stores, the
food labels scare me?

Tell me why fluorine,
a poisonous gas, is found
in drinking water?

One-Dish Vegan and
You Won’t Believe It’s Vegan
are essential reads.

@StevieStreets #healthiswealth | Thinking Vegan, Thinking Vegetarian I – X