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The Medical Industry is the biggest cartel…
they peddle dope,
they peddle hope,
they even smuggled the HeLa cell.

The health hustlers and organ smugglers commercialized cervical cells…

it aint hard to tell,
they push pharmaceuticals and promote prescriptions;

aint no cash in the cure,
money multiplies when they prescribe the addictions.

The Doctors doctor you up,
in the best interest
of those that place high interest
on higher education:
You know the ones that profit off of the populace;
the Robin Hood – Strong Arm Robbers,
the Doctor Feel Good – Prescription Pill Prescribers that supply the fix.
The ones that lobbied behind the Rockefeller Drug Laws;
you know the medicine men that gave Blacks AIDS,
those mad men that market Medical Grade.
I’m talking ’bout the Drug Dealers that developed the formula for heroin,
the Government Agencies that conjured up the crack-cocaine recipes,
the Capitalist that manufacture & distribute methadone and methamphetamines,
the Criminal Enterprises that registered patents for cloned HeLa cells.

From the prescription pill mill abusers
to the street corner recreational users,

They don’t care about affordable health care,
your well-being or your welfare;
you’re only a customer – it’s all about the dollar.

They endorse Opportunity School Districts
to push ADD and ADHD drugs to children;
it’s a damn shame, what they will do just to make a dollar…

The American Dream has become the catalyst for American Pain,
I’d be remiss
if I didn’t admit alcohol & tobacco built the land of milk and honey.
Simple and plain;
let’s not forget,
America the beautiful was built on blood money.
The War On Drugs makes me wanna holler…
Mercy, Mercy, Me.
What’s going on?!
What’s going wrong?
Things just aint what they used to be!
The jails are overcrowded with the Julios & Hectors
and the Fahims & the Hassans
and the woolly-bronze people that look just like me.
Healthcare Reform,
Education Reform,
Prison Reform…
melancholy medleys of the same sad song,
different renditions.

Pay Attention! The gears are shifting,
they’re working to reverse the cycle.
They’re not waiting to meet you as a rehab patient anymore.
They already gentrified the neighborhoods that they flooded with drugs;
they know you’re gettin’ hip to the war on the poor.
They’re in the market for a new market,
they’re peddling Ritalin to children;
they’re bringing the drug war to the classroom door.
We must protect the little Amys and Michaels,
we must believe the children are the future,
we must break the cycle.
We must take a real look at the incarceration rates.
Why are Blacks and Latinos incarcerated at alarming rates?
Why do they wanna close the schools and open more prisons?!
They make money off of prison labor;
when your lack of education becomes a crippling affliction,
they offer you Medical Grade Drugs to treat your addictions.
They make money when they misdiagnose and overwrite prescriptions.
They make money when they miseducate and legislate charter school tuitions.

Things just aint what they used to be…
now I see why Marvin sang Mercy, Mercy, Me.
NO HB 133!
Where’s the opportunity in the Opportunity School District?!
Who’s the opportunity for,
why do they use education and healthcare to stymie the poor?
Is it an opportunity to commence more white collor crimes,
why did they propose legislation to regulate young minds?
Is it an opportunity to excise
or exercise eminent domain,
why do they want to takeover public school districts?
Why would a Sentor vote yes to the public school takeover plan
without addressing the concerns of the citizens in the district?
it’s time to pay attention.
Don’t believe me – just watch.
Let me get off this soapbox,
I’m no politician;
I’m just a poet with a pen
and a few premonitions.

@StevieStreets #noHB133 #noOSD | Medical Cartels, Education Reform, Detention Centers & Other Racquets