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Nobody’s Perfect…
I make a million mistakes
each and every day.

Perfection is to
be pursued, not acquired;
no mistaking that.

Who cares if you fail?!
Success erases mistakes…
and errors teach us.

one must become a repeat
failure, to succeed.

Failure isn’t fatal…
mistakes are the teachers of

@StevieStreets #NobodysPerfect | from THE MISTAKENLY SO COLLECTION: A Million Mistakes I – X

To make no mistakes
is to do nothing at all…
don’t make that mistake.

Learn from your mistakes…
action leads to achievement,
you must fail forward.

Make something happen…
go out and make some mistakes,
to err is human.

Nobody’s perfect…
when you learn from your mistakes,
mastery begins.

Mistakes will happen…
make no mistake about it,
you live and you learn.