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I can’t front, he was not my favorite rapper…
but his stature in the Native Tongues crew
paved the way for me when I was a young rapper.

He was like the Spud Webb of Rap;
I thought of him, when I was asked to rhyme for my favorite rapper.

I thought to myself,
“if Phife could do it, I could hold it down as a shorty;”
then I said my rhyme.

My first rhyme ever recorded
was over Check the Rhime.

I remember vividly, 57 MG, apartment 2B…
Dj Superior, BM, DMX and little me.

I got to kick it with the big dogs,
because I penned a funky introduction like Phife Dawg.

I let ’em know I was a Rappin’ Assassin;
BM asked if I was on point,
Supe told me to come out of my shell
and I came out blastin’

So on that note;
If you ask me if I’m on point,
I will reply “All the time”
cause said it in his Rap

If you tell me Bo Knows,
I will reply…
“Aye yo – Bo knows this
and Bo knows that
but Bo don’t know jack
cause Bo can’t Rap”

I had to take a moment to pay homage to Phife…

Aye Yo Phife –
whenever Scenario drops at a hip hop function,
they will celebrate your life.

Whenever the beat drops for Check the Rhime,
they will celebrate your life.

I wanna thank you Phife Dawg,
some of my favorite memories are connected to your life.

And for the record;
you were one of the most underrated rappers…

and that’s crazy
’cause your verses are recited by audiences that hate rappers.

R.I.P Mr. Five-footer,
I enjoyed the quest.

I can’t front like you were one of my favorite rappers
but you certainly were one of the best.

@StevieStreets #homage | Phife Dawg