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She walks in beauty…

Mahogany Bliss Lips
with an Afro Bloomin’.

Oh how I love to see you working all that Black Girl Magic;
keep doing what your doin’…

don’t stop, get it, get it,
strike a pose,
work that beautiful brown,
pretty brown brown
au naturel beauty.

You should be my sunshine,
let’s dance in the rain;
you could be my muse,
let’s go to museums…
I wanna place art on the walls that you built around your broken heart,
I wanna draw you close so you can canvass my heart…
the very thought of helps get my mind right,
you inspire me to write beautiful things.

My heart leans toward the warmth of your smile,
as a flower bends towards the sun in spring.

When I look into your eyes,
I understand why the birds sing in spring.

When I get lost in your eyes,
I discover sonnets and all sorts of beautiful things.

Oh how I adore your spring beauty…

Afro Bloomin’,
crazy kinky adorned with a spring beauty.

This is an ode to afros,
box braids,
and natural twists;
all that ol’ Black Girls Rock exoticness:
this is for the Afro-Essence,
jet-setting, Ebony, Essence springtime beauty.

This is dedicated to Dazhane Leah,
Ebony – Jet, Essence,
Upscale, Sister 2 Sister,
Black Enterprise, Hype Hair,
Sophisticate’s Black Hair,
Black Beauty & Hair,
Spell Magazine,
The Oprah Magazine,
and all the brown skin Queens that embrace their African features;
this is dedicated to the Afro Bloomin’ photo set,
this is for those iconic Angela Davis snapshots,
this is that “Woolly Hair and Don’t Care” inspire the youth to celebrate Black Beauty.

This is dedicated to Chocolate Skin and Coconut Oil:
this is that Shea Butter,
that Coconut Butter,
that Mango Butter,
and all the Butters,
this is that brown skin hydration;
this is for that ol’ “I’m Black and I’m Proud” rejuvenation,
that death of the Negropean –
rise of the “I Love The Skin I’m In” nation,
this is a jubilation of Black Beauty.

Thank goodness for sundresses and open toes,
full lips and black girl hips…
heaven only knows –
nah, I think we all know:
there’s nothing like an Afro Bloomin’ –
body boomin’
with an afro-mental…
I need an around the way girl
with a hint of sassines
and just a touch of love;
you know that brown skin quintessential…
I don’t care if she’s vegetarian or vegan,
long as she lives golden and loves reading;
I want to exchange oral sentiments
with a pigment powered woman that stimulates my mental…
Brown skin, it’s like ecstasy when you’re next me;
the magic in your eyes makes my heart beat like Afro-Cuban instrumentals…
Brown skin, I adore the way you dance to the drum of your own beat;
I think weird is wonderful
and you’re looking rather unique…
nothing could compare to your springtime beauty;
the first time we made eye contact, you knocked me off my feet…
this is for the Sisters going natural,
embracing their black beauty;
I’m Loving that Black Beauty…
peace to the Moons and the Stars
for redefining that ol’ black beauty…
this is for my Afro Bloomin’
Au Naturel Springtime Beauty.

@StevieStreets #auNaturel | Afro Bloomin’ (Au Naturel Springtime Beauty)