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The month of April…
the pens, papers, and poems;
ah – I feel at home

Read a poem for
National Poetry Month;
write a poem too

Write a Sonnet or
write some Free Verse, write an Ode;
write a few haiku

Write a poem for
Autism Awareness; write to
support Autism Speaks

April celebrates
Autism Awareness too; spread
love, #lightitupblue

Throw your jazz hands up!
Jazz Apprecition Month
is in April too

Before I forget…
join us on April 9th at
Stonecrest Library

@StevieStreets #iloveapril | The Month of April I – VII

#scribesandvibes $200 #PoetryMonth #PoetrySlam hosted by Kodac Harrison, Saturday, April 9th at Stonecrest Library | scribesandvibes.net