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For the same reason that sonnets were written about Laura;
like the balcony scene in Romeo & Juliet,
like the sweet sound of songbirds in duet,
I became a hopeless romantic the moment I saw her.

I never believed in love at first sight;
the day I laid eyes on her,
I became a beautiful dreamer.

I felt forever,
the first time that she appeared;
when I think about forever, she is always there.

I became an incurable romantic,
the day that she appeared;
when I romanticize about what love should look like,
impressions of her always seem to appear.

She has become The Port of my Dreams;
it’s like I’m windsurfing emotional tides,
whenever I see her.

Why do fools fall in love?
Why do birds suddenly appear?
How do I love thee?

She rocked my world,
like the striking siren
to the hapless sailor at sea.

Only her love can rescue me from this storm;
oh how I jus’ want to get lost in the magic in her eyes,
like a ship at sea.

Love, Love, Love look what you’ve done to me:
How could you…?
Why would you send me the epitome of the one I’ve searched for all my life –
and not let us be together?

Love, Love, Love when will I see you smile again?
When will I get to look into your eyes again?
Why are you still single?
Why are we not be together?

Love, Love, Love we were supposed to turn our moments in love into a couple of forevers:
How could we…? Why aren’t we…? Come back to me,
you should be here – I need to hear your laughter,
we should be together.

@StevieStreets #thesaddestlinesever | Love, Love, Love