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Many delight the eye…
yet, few are appealing to the soul.

I just wanna speak the languages of love
and celebrate año tras año with a beautiful soul.

Beauty tends to fade…
yet, inner beauty remains vibrant;
in the garden of spirits,
her inner glow is always in full bloom.

I want someone whose aura is perennial;
every night she walks in my dreams,
we grow old – she still walks in beauty,
her silver highlights become silver linings…
each strand symbolizing the love we shared neath many moons.

I need a woman whose expression of love
becomes a wellspring
in the winters of my life.

I need a woman with a heart like mine,
I just wanna become best friends with my wife.

Where’s the lady in my life?
I just need the one that I can love endlessly…
Where is the one that I adore?

Beautiful Soul, come to me…
come on, let me love you a little bit;
let me show you, you’re the one my heart beats for.

Beautiful Soul, you inspire me…
the day you gave me your math,
I realized two could be one
and one could be much more.
Maybe I love you much too much;
then again, I have so much love to give
and you deserve much much more.

Maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic…
I won’t blame it on the magic in your eyes,
I won’t blame it on the warmth of your smile;
I’m not blinded by your beauty,
I’m intrigued with your allure.
I blame it on the allure.

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