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for the freedom fighters: If a picture is worth a thousand words, @shanequagay said it best with #TheFAIRGAMEProject | #blackbodiesmatter

Our grandmothers witnessed strange fruit, hanging from a rope,
survived the 50s and the 60s
only to bear witness to the seeds of their seeds being buried behind bars
or strong armed by the long arm of the law.
When you’re Black in America,
“Freedom” is nothing more than a hunger pain
and the justice system…
it’s just a system that says
“A Black Life is Fair Game.”
We hashtag Black Lives Matter
but the Prosecutors hash out “It’s Open Season!”
I wonder why those sworn to protect and serve wanna stop my breathing…
For what it’s worth;
we’ve been Surviving The Game for damn near 960 seasons.
We’ve been catching the same hell
for well over 87,000 days in America…
Have you ever examined the foothold they have on African descendants in America?
It’s a crying shame!
No More Freedom Marches,
No More Cries for Change.
take an eye for an eye
and an arm for an arm.

We don’t hate the Police
but F#@/ the Police;
as far as I could see,
the Government’s track record
is like needle marks in a dope fiends arm.
But don’t be alarmed
when you’re approached by the Police;
if you treat the disrespectful officers that want to murder you with more respect,
they may not bring forth physical harm.

@StevieStreets #iftheykillmeriot | WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES: an excerpt from Freedom vol ii

photo credit: http://www.instagram.com/shanequagay