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I can no longer stay silent. -Michael Jordan


Shut da f#@/ up, MJ!

You should’ve kept your silence… your donations align with your support of the Correctional Corporation of America. Corporate stockholders lobby for longer sentences, reduce school budgets, rezone voting districts, broadcast misrepresentations of Blacks and Hispanics, and foster incentives to lock people up, in efforts to expand their workforce (make money off of prisoners). You would’ve done better donating to the 2 million inmates that are coerced to work for 25 cents an hour. Better yet; you would’ve done better donating to the legal teams that are fighting for the victims of police brutality, if you were truly concerned about “African-Americans.”

Thanks for chiming in MJ! But no thanks, brother. We got Kobe, Carmelo, and LeBron unapologetically speaking what needs to be said, when it needs to be said.

@StevieStreets #blacklivesmatter | I Can No Longer Stay Silent