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Everything we see hides another thing; we always want to see what is hidden by what we see. -Rene Magritte


Here’s an ode to a surrealist…

Who’s the man in a bowler hat?

Who’s the son of man with the provocative and playful knack?

Why does the false mirror compel you to see the real gist?

Who do you know that can open the mind’s of academicians,
evoke mystery and keep nothing hidden?

Who’s better fit to depict the actualisms that appear before the eye…

with symbolisms and motifs that draw you to see what’s hidden neath the eye?

How many artists do you know that can alter sight like an optician,
illustrate optical illusions to draw attention to the visible that’s hidden?

There’s always more than meets the eye…
Did the forbidden fruit fall from a tree or was it the apple of the eye?
Never rule out what you see,
on the level – there’s always more left for the eye.

In your right mind,
your left eye is the bird’s eye…
Don’t be close minded,
open your third eye;
the windows to the unmasked soul lie in the left eye.

Did you peep the undertones of the guy in the overcoat?
How’d he hide the visible in plain sight? – Was the arm bent slight a clear indication or an oversight of the eye?
Why does keeping up appearances drive one to lose sight of the visible that is present to the eye?

How do we get past the theatrical masks?
Why are the tears of a clown too complex to grasp?
Is sight something we see
or is it a reflection of a conscious mind?

Why is sight often cited as eyesight;
why is the ability to see perceived by the range of vision on site,
why does visualization begin in the mind?

I don’t know why they say “believe half of what you see.”
I don’t know why psychoanalysis suggest: IMAGINATION can change the perceptions of reality.
What I know for sure is the surrealists invite us to look at the world differently;
even if it’s only in the mind,
even if it’s only in the mind.

@StevieStreets #surrealism | Ode to a Surrealist