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A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure. -Henry Kissinger

If you’re going through something, go through it; face your fears, focus, and keep pressing forward. Don’t let the pressure of the process break you; there’s always a process before progress, let your obstacles make you… let ’em make you mentally, physically, and emotionally stronger. If you can’t jump over the hurdles, RUN THROUGH THEM; don’t let trepidation take you off track, don’t fall at the first hurdle. Remember, obstacle courses are designed to enhance your ability. Your stumbling blocks are building you up, let them lead you towards something beautiful. Keep on keeping on, stay the course, the pressure is shaping something beautiful. You are tougher than a diamond, you are as brilliant as a diamond; with laser-sharp focus, you will shine bright like a diamond… THE WORLD IS YOURS, there’s a diamond mine in your mind; if the diamond can make it out of the rough, so can you.

Time tells everything, fire refines gold, pressure makes diamonds and your attitude is the alchemist that makes ordinary moments extraordinary. Imagine how wonderful life would be, if you learned to welcome the pressure. Now practice the power of now and welcome the pressure like the Hope Diamond. Learn to let the jewels of life enrich your heart and enrich your mind and in Godspeed may they transform your soul into a beautiful treasure.

@StevieStreets | Diamond Life Insights: Redefine Your Mind