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Athletes sit down and there’s a public outcry.
Politicians not standing up for justice should be the public outcry.

Unarmed men and women fall victim to those sworn to uphold the law…
civil servants & critics sit on the sidelines.
Athletes take a knee in solidarity to draw attention to the public executions that we all saw…
they’re criticized for sitting on the sidelines.

It’s amazing how the same people that were defending the confederate flag are now concerned with patriotism.
It’s amazing how the same league that didn’t bring athletes out for the national anthem is now concerned with patriotism.

I’m not surprised when justice is not found…
the scales of justice don’t hold no weight, if your skin is black or brown.

This is the same country that planned picnics to go see my people die…
So no; I’m not surprised when I hear echoes of DIE NIGGER! DIE NIGGER! DIE NIGGER! DIE!

They want me to believe that I too am America… but I don’t see why.
No! I don’t see how… I don’t see how they expect me to believe the world’s a better place.
We have Black and Brown people incarcerated at epidemic rates.
We have Black men and women being killed by the police at epidemic rates.

White men that molest children get less time than Black and Brown men that sell drugs in the United States.
White men that rape women get less time than Black and Brown men that fight dogs in the United States.

White men can commit a murder on videotape and never do a day in jail in the United States.
A Black man can get killed with his hands up on videotape…
and before his body is laid to rest, the media will put his character on trial in the United States.

I don’t see how they want me to believe that the times have changed in the United States.
It’s 2016 but it feels like 1958 in America.
I don’t see how we have a bigot as a potential presidential candidate in America.

They’ve been cutting school budgets and privatizing prisons…
but the media won’t relay that to the citizens of America.
The governer is trying take over the schools…
but they’re more concerned with teacher bae in America.

Athletes sit down to stand up for justice and there’s public outcry in America.
Police are killing Black men and women like it’s open season…
yet your eyes are dry America.
We hashtag BLACK LIVES MATTER and they say all lives matter…
aint that America.

Dear America, we hear you…
sweet land of liberty – right?
Equal rights and justice for all…
all but the Blacks and Browns – right?

It’s all about the green…
green eyes and greenbacks – right?
I hope you remember your statue of liberty is brown…
oxidation made it green – right?

Dear America,
the police killings are becoming much too much.
Dear America,
the disparities of justice are much too much.

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