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I like ’em afro bloomin’ with the melanin poppin’…
FREE ANGELA tee, HANDS OFF ASSATA button rockin’.

Never had a love like this but aint no stoppin’…
When I meet her, we’ll reverse the Willie Lynch doctrine;
the movement’s not an option.

I need a ten with Nefertiti’s allure;
she could be vegan or omnivore,
long as her heart is pure.

I need a Coretta Scott, to invest in my intellectual stock.
I need a Betty Dean, to safeguard my Deen.

I need to convene with a Nubian queen that won’t intervene;
when I meet her, she’ll understand my debt to society…
her wisdom will hold my interest, we’ll invest in society.

I’m looking for that ebony essence to jet by the side of me;
I need a Harriet Tubman with Lauryn Hill writing skills.
She could be fly as Ruby Dee,
long as she’s fierce as Ruby Bridges when it’s time to build.

@StevieStreets #blacklovematters | Melanin Poppin’ revisited