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I’m a fan of black girl hips and full lips…
I got a thing for that ol’ black girl magic, I must admit.

I’m a sucka for melanated exoticness and kinky twists.

Ain’t nothin’ like a beautiful sista…
melanin poppin’,
sweet naturalista.

This is dedicated to the natural hair movement;
keep doing what you’re doin’…
Oh how I adore how black girls rock…

God bless whoever coined the phrase “Black Girls Rock!”
Shout out to Beverly Bond
and all the black women that applaud black women;
I’m lovin’ the bond.
Yes! Black Girls Rock!

I like ’em black and educated,
highly melanated…
black love matters,
you could love it or hate it.
I need a pretty brown that’ll slay with cornrows or locs.
I’m looking for a love that’s not afraid to rock bantu knots.
I’ll probably tie the knot with a beautiful soul crowned with a twist out.

She’s the crown jewel and my muse;
when I meet her, she’ll be natural and happy…
eyebrows on fleek,
pearly white teeth with the twist out.

I got a thing for twists, puffs, and all that stuff; don’t get it twisted.
Let’s be specific;
I got a love jones for chocolate skin tones…
naturally she’s dope,
word to my shea butter soap.

I see heaven in her eyes ’cause the world is not enough.
But where is she?
I’m looking for the woman with the FREE ANGELA tee…

Her heart is golden yet she’s a diamond in the rough;
sweetest thang I’ve ever known yet her shoe game’s tough.

We need to break the Willie Lynch chip…
and she’s a symbol of hope.
We need to kill the Negropean…
and her iconic curls are a symbol of hope.
When I need to know black is beautiful, it’s team natural that keeps me afloat.

Her natural hair journey is an expedition of self-love and self-appreciation…
I had to take a moment to spread love and express my appreciation.
Brown skin…
I’m glad to see you lovin’ the skin you’re in;
’cause naturally you’re dope.

Yeah, I’m a fan of black girl hips and full lips…
’cause naturally she’s dope.

@StevieStreets ebony essence | Naturally She’s Dope