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She walks in beauty, like the night.
Radiant as the Cafe Terrace at Night.
Sweeter than the sound of mandolins on starry nights.
I need you to be my Girl with a Mandolin, the way you pull heartstrings.
Silence is golden; yet you make my heart sing.
You make me wanna speak the languages of love, 

like the songbirds sing.
Sweet Muse of mine, 

I need you to love me,

love me, love me, if only for one night.
You could be my star eyes,

let me get lost in the magic in your eyes tonight.
This Love Jones got me in a sentimental mood,

let me be your Brother to the night.
I want to ballroom dance on the sidewalk tonight;

let your hands fade into my hands,

I wanna feel your heartbeat next to mine tonight.
I’m in a Sentimental Mood;

Sweet Muse, put on your dancing shoes 

and meet me at the Cafe Terrace at Night.
@StevieStreets #inasentimentalmood #poem | Cafe Terrace at Night