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Head in my hands… holding back these tears,
thinking about the woman who taught me to always face my fears.

It’s kind of funny cause I was told the first years of my life I wouldn’t cry…
I remember everyone thinking there was something wrong with me cause I wouldn’t cry;
but as long as I remember, I remember sitting next to my Aunt Elsie so I wouldn’t cry.
I remember the times she would let me spend the day with her so I wouldn’t cry.

I don’t know where I got the wisdom to tell her people are like piranhas and tears are like blood,
when she asked why I wouldn’t cry.
To this day I could hear her voice when she said it’s okay baby you’re with me go on an’ cry.

She taught me the value of family, in my troubled youth she kept me by her side.
She told me to keep my brother by my side,
she’s the reason why people still call me Stephen and Kai;
even when I’m by myself… and they don’t see Kai.

Head in my hands… tryin’ not to cry,
thinking ‘bout how she always made me my own pan of cornbread;
the last time I seen her she made me a few pans of pie.

Today as I bid farewell to my matriarch,
I find comfort in knowing she made everyone think they were special
when she gave them the gift of a pie.

I know they’re having a soul food Sunday in heaven,
I know Aunt Elsie gon’ show ‘em how to make macaroni and cheese,
cornbread, and sweet potato pie.

Today as I bid farewell to my matriarch,
yet I find comfort in knowing my heritage;
uncle Donald told me you were named after my Great Grandmother, I now know why.

Aunt Elsie… you were more than my Great Aunt;
you were everything to the boy that wouldn’t cry.
I know grandma Nancy saved a Pokeno board for you and aunt Pee Wee in the sky.

@StevieStreets #homage #poem | Farewell to my Matriarch