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May you choose peace over everything;
’cause everything is everything.
Just as the flower needs the sun and the rain,
life needs the joy and the pain.

What the bee does to the flower,
a smile does to the heart.
Everybody loves the sunshine
yet the stars shine brightest in the dark.

Life is no walk in the park
yet you must stop and smell the roses;
take a walk in the park.
You must do more of what makes you happy;
inhale, exhale, learn to smile from your heart.

Let your inner glow illuminate a different kind of vibe, today.
You must protect your sanity,
don’t let nothing kill your vibe today.

Remember energy is everything
and you deserve a little piece of everything
’cause everything is everything;
but more importantly, you deserve a little peace over everything…

@StevieStreets | PEACE OVER EVERYTHING: a #goodvibesonly poem vol. ii