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Power is out… on the bright side, I’ve always long to read and write neath the candle light.
After the sunlight falls, I’m gonna listen to the jazz orchestrated by the rainfall and just write.
I’m gonna let the wind blow through my heart as I’m serenaded by the storm tonight.
I’m gonna ballroom dance to the swaying of the trees tonight.
I’m gonna personify mother nature neath the candle light;
when nature calls, I’ll pretend she’s Nina Simone singing Wild Is the Wind tonight.
I wanna summon invocations to the muse under the pale moonlight;
when the darkness falls upon us, I want to adore it like the sight of cherry blossoms in the spring.
When mother nature says it’s time for all black everything,
I shall picture her in a black velvet dress blowing kisses in the wind
’cause she’s wild as the wind and that black girl magic is everything.
In the midst of this blackout, my darling muse is shining bright.
I think I’ll call this one black velvet as a momento of mother nature and the beauty of the night.

@StevieStreets #nostalgia #poem | Black Velvet: the #blackout poem