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Still amongst the Georgia Powerless,
awaiting thee electrician’s prowess,
thinking “How did a light drizzle and some wind leave parts of Georgia powerless?”
Not to underestimate Irma’s powerfulness
but where I was at, the electricity was on
and the trees were standing strong amid the thick of the storm;
but somehow hours after the storm began to calm
the lights began to flicker off and on
and then, like magic, the power was gone.
Abra – Abra – Abracadabra, Irma pulled the rabbit out of the hat;
faster than a finger snap, just like that, she caused a blackout in broad day.
Leaving many to ask “How is the power still out and the weather’s not even that bad today?”
And that was just the first day…
then darkness fell upon us and the lights were still not on;
but wait, it’s gets better, two days later Irma had us singing the same song.
Ye ain’t know?!
I wrote a song about it.
Would you like to hear it?
Hear it go…
How is the power still not on?
We’ve experienced thunderstorms that were more severe than this tropical storm.
Irma got me feeling like the detectives in The First 48…
I drop the mic exit left then return like “You want a Coke? You straight?
Tell me: What’s really going on? How is the power still not on?”

@StevieStreets #blackout #poem v | Georgia Powerless