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Thank You Georgia Power!
A few seconds after stepping out of the cold shower,
the lights came on.
I’s got power now,
thee lights are back on;
but memories of Irma still linger, I shall remember the storm.
As for now, I just wanna extend my gratitude to Georgia Power
for getting our power back on.
That tropical storm had it’s pro’s and its con’s,
it provided me with the much needed time to think and plan
but I’m too much of a modern man to ever lie on the the lamb.
They can save that prehistoric living for the history books;
I am one to admit I love technology.
I love the simple things…
like hot water; I love technology.
After a few nights without lights,
I am thankful for those that have the insight to invest in green technology.
If STEM and STEAM can teach us to power a radio with a potato,
imagine the world when electricity is powered by green technology.
But until then, I’ll stand with the dreamers
until the American Dream becomes more than a dream.
As for now, I’d like to thank Georgia Power
in advance for my next hot shower.

@StevieStreets #blackout #poem vi | Thank You Georgia Power!