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Money matters… but financial literacy matters more;
tryna make a dollar out of fifteen cents,
I learned to turn one into two
and two into four.

The Richest Man in Babylon taught me to let my money work for me;
I gotta get back to the basics and let these rupees work for me.
Pay yourself before you pay anyone else;
the ability to invest in yourself is the key to financial health.

Success Through Stillness taught me to need less;
mastering the art of nothingness will help you accumulate more.

Warren Buffett said it’s all about compound interest;
that caught my interest like turning one into two
then two into four.

Money matters but 99% of the world does not understand Money Matters.

Talking money wise, I bet you didn’t know Charles Schwab funds a program at the Boys & Girls Club
to teach Money Matters.
Yet these teens and tweens are out here with thousand dollar phones,
snapchatting with money phones like money don’t matter.

Dennis Kimbro dropped The Wealth Choice
but he ain’t on the gram so they don’t understand The Wealth Choice;
they’re listening to these mumble rappers like money don’t matter.

They don’t understand, they all talk that cash bit
but most die broke and cashless.

I don’t think you understand,
it’s sad and it’s tragic;
these children think dude on the gram with bands is the man,
until they see his fam on the gram tryna GoFundMe the casket.

And it’s sad ’cause too many brothers are dying with a closet full of $200 sneakers
and empty bank accounts.
And it’s tragic ’cause 3 pair of those $200 sneakers could have purchased a decent life insurance policy for the year;
equating to a decent casket and funeral
plus a little something in a loved one’s bank account.

Too often on the quest for financial peace,
we miss the financial piece.
Well, here’s the financial piece;
Nas said it the best:
“What do we own? Not enough land, not enough homes.
Not enough banks, to give a brother a loan.”

@StevieStreets #theillusionofwealth #poem | The Financial Piece